What I do

During my academic career, I have worked as a research assistant in fields of neurorobotics and environmental conservation. These opportunities have been critical to my academic and professional development. They have and continue to show me how to work efficiently and successfully in a professional research environment, while also giving me the space to care about the people and work I am passionate about. With these experiences, I have been able to find a foothold in a discipline that excites me, and I am eager to explore with more depth. Using computer science as my toolkit, I utilize my curiosities to explore how engineering can be used and improved in environmental conservation locally and globally.


  • Sustainable AI Across Borders at University of Bonn, Germany (May 2023)
  • SIT’s Journal of Critical Global Issues — Virtual Roundtable Discussion (May 2023)
  • Human Development Conference at University of Notre Dame, USA (Feb. 2023)
  • Midstates Consortium for Math and Science at Washington University in St. Louis, USA (Nov. 2022)
  • Summer Research Showcase at Macalester College, USA (Sep. 2022)
  • SIT Research Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal (May 2022)


Floods of Lubra

Using remote sensing technologies in predicting and visualizing flood damage in Lubra, a village in the Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal.

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Upgraded hardware with a new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 to increase processing power and allow real-time data processing.

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